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Adam Riegel, Financial Advisor - Wellesley, MA

NM Top 20 Advisor- May 2020

My two partners and I had the pleasure of working with Christy [Fall of 2018] as we looked to evolve our 10 person team into an even more robust and efficient wealth management firm.  Her exploration process to understand our team goals and unique dynamics was comprehensive and produced immensely insightful results.  Some of the observations and suggestions she brought to the table proved to be true months in advance of us realizing them ourselves.

Her recommendations were presented in a prioritized, actionable way that then allowed us to make immediate, impactful changes. On top of this excellent output and recommendation set, Christy has proven herself to be passionate about seeing the work through.  Many consultants present results, but do not help on execution.  Christy has been proactive and diligent to make sure our team made prompt progress, and then she also has circled back over time to make sure we continue to push the ball forward.

Christy's expertise was immediately clear as she had substantial impact on how our team thinks about structure, efficiency, and team development.  Anyone looking to grow their practice and navigate the intricacies of building a firm would be well served to engage with Christy.


Craig Meadows, Financial Advisor - Norwalk, CT

I was at my office's Holiday Part in December of 2019 and Christy's name came up in 2 different conversations.

My 1st thought was "Who IS this woman?" and my 2nd was "Can she help me?"


We started working together in Jan of 2020 and although I initially thought I'd use Christy to help us streamline some processes, it turned out to be much more. Her insight and direct questions disarmed me and made me think about my practice very differently.

She helped me identify my strengths and how I could use them throughout the day and on client meetings. When I was having a tough time deciding on different paths, she was able to cut through the noise and ask thought provoking questions that helped a clear cut choice emerge.  I often thought "Why didn't I think of that?"


She would oftentimes remind me that growth is messy and that being as confused or frustrated as I sometimes became simply meant that I was on precipice of a breakthrough. She was right!  In all the years I've been in the business, I'm not sure I have trusted myself more than I do today.


I did 2 things I normally didn't do in prior coaching relationships, that I'd recommend. I had my Assistant, Katarina Varga on 90% of the calls and I'd record them as well. Listening back to them I always found another nugget or 2 that I missed during our coaching session.

Christy is smart, insightful, caring and authentic. I could not ask for anything more from a Coach!


Adam Gilson, J.D., Financial Advisor - New York, NY

1st Time Forum 2018

I began working with Christy in 2017 when I was doing $264,000 in production.  Around the same time, I was expanding my team for the first time.  My goal for working with Christy was to develop a system of organization and develop an efficient workstream with my newly hired team with the goal of increasing my production. At first, Christy did a week in-depth session to fully create the new processes.  Then, we had periodic check-ins to ensure things were on the right track and to make adjustments as needed. 


Since working with Christy, my production has increased 108% and I hit Forum for the first time this year.  Christy was key in helping me reaching some of my professional goals and I highly recommend working with her.


Conrad York, Former Vice President Marketing - Northwestern Mutual

"I have worked with Christy for ten years - one of the best strategic marketers I have ever worked with. 

Highly recommend working with Christy."


Carly Frieling, Financial Advisor - Wellesley, MA

I was fortunate enough to begin working with Christy after Annual Meeting 2018.  Our engagement at the start was to focus specifically on prospecting, as I felt I was not being strategic and consistent with one of the most important parts of the business.  Since working with Christy on a weekly basis, not only have I developed more confidence with my approach in asking but the quality of referrals have increased tremendously, growing my household income by 50%.


Christy provided valued insight to my overall practice, my mindset and worked with me on tactical concepts that I have been able to use on a daily basis to maintain a more strategic practice and continued growth.  I would highly recommend working with Christy!


Matthew Greene, Wealth Management Advisor - Norwalk, CT NM Advisor since 1990

Multi-year Forum Qualifier

I initially began working with Christy as it pertained to some work processes and role responsibilities for my team of 5. 


Her “intake” was where I was immediately impressed.  She asked great questions and was a great listener.  Her questions weren’t leading and were judgement free.  What really stood out was that she was truly trying to understand my practice to help us in a way that was appropriate for us.  She didn’t have a pre-conceived notion of how a practice should run and then try to fit my business into that mold. 

Asking team members to share their responsibilities with a “consultant” can be dangerous but she made them feel immediately comfortable that she was not going to make “change for change sake,” and the process with them was very positive. 


After this engagement I have spoken with Christy on several different subjects, getting deeper into my practice and moving beyond just my team.  It is this coaching, paired with her understanding of the mechanics of running a practice, where I think Christy is in her sweet spot. 


With her listening skills and deep knowledge of people and processes, paired with an ability to coach on both a personal and professional level...  I would absolutely recommend Christy.


Jordan Gardiner, Financial Advisor - New York, NY

1st Time Forum 2018

1st Time Eastern Region Top 10 - #6 Jan 2019

I have spent a lot of time with Christy.  She has helped bring several efficiencies to our practice, which has given me the opportunity to hit Forum since I started work with her, as well as have more time in the day for myself and my family.  It has also given me peace of mind that a lot of the things that fell through the cracks in the past no longer do.  I highly recommend working with Christy to anyone.

Justin Charise, CFP®, Wealth Management Advisor- Westport, CT

 NM Top 20  & Top 10 5 Star Pathfinder - 2018

7x Eastern Region Top 10 - #10 Jan 2019

5 Star Pathfinder Eastern Region - #2 Jan 2019

"Christy has done an amazing job creating a strong professional brand for our firm, a platinum level of client service for our clients, and scalable systems for our team.  When others say something cannot be done, Christy figures out how to make it happen without sacrificing our commitment to doing business the right way.

Over the past four awards years Christy has also been instrumental in building my investment practice, which has grown more than tenfold (with an annualized growth rate of 80%), allowing us to become a 5 star pathfinder practice.  At the same time, both co-founding partners of Saugatuck Financial (Al Schor and myself) have remained consistently among the Top 10 in the Eastern Region and, in 2018, we are both among the Top 20 in the country as well.

Consistently producing above $1m of premium on the insurance side, while achieving exponential growth on the investment side, wouldn’t have been possible without Christy. 

Christy is my go to on complex and delicate client situations.  She is particularly skilled at determining all the options available, comparing those options, and recommending the one that best serves the desired outcome.  She brings tangible outcomes and inside knowledge of what it takes to succeed in our business in a way that’s hard to match.

If you’re looking to focus on your purpose or grow your practice in a systematic and thoughtful way, I couldn’t imagine a better investment or a more knowledgeable coach."

2016 Dec - SF WEB - B&W - Justin.jpg

Nicole Martocci, CFP® AWMA - New York, NY

Former Chief Operating Officer - NM Stamford, CT

We had the privilege to work with Christy to define our 5-year vision for the Network Office.  She facilitated a group of advisors, associates and leaders to collectively identity and articulate our shared future.  She then worked with a smaller leadership group to lay out measurable and meaningful steps to get us to our vision, showing how each item on this road map ties in with the firm’s vision.  Christy’s consulting process and her project deliverables (like the roadmap) provided great value and leverage to us.  Her prior experience in management consulting shines through during her consulting process, and we’re lucky to have it further enhanced by her in-depth knowledge of the NM system, values and processes. 


I’ve also had the opportunity to watch Christy work in her capacity as practice manager for Saugatuck Financial, where she remains keenly focused on the client experience and removing friction from the ways in which we do business.  She’s well versed in all areas of our risk management and investment platforms, as well as the operational processes supporting financial planning and product implementation.  Any advisor in growth mode would be lucky to work with Christy.


Paul Stadfeld, CFP®,  CLU®,  RICP,  CLTC

Wealth Management Advisor - Wellesley, MA

My partners and I hired Christy for a consulting engagement. To provide some context, the three of us manage about $200M, write about $2M of insurance premium annually, have a combined 7 team members and are located in the Boston area.  At the time, we had challenges around hiring, human resources, compensation structure, and team cohesiveness.


I’ve always been skeptical about hiring coaches and consultants.  I hold professionals that I engage to an extremely high standard as it relates to overall work quality, responsiveness, and value.  Christy could not have been more professional, engaging, responsive, and thoughtful as it relates to her approach and delivery.  Her "bed side manner" working and meeting with each of our team members is something my two partners and I sorely lack.  Her ability to truly communicate with them and identify their core goals and concerns was remarkable.  As a partnership of three males, bringing in a female consultant had an especially powerful impact on our female team members.  They opened up about matters that my partners and I had never even considered.  Her recommendations yielded immediate dividends and having her to consult without throughout the year as we implemented her strategies was invaluable. 

In short, hiring Christy is a wise move if you’re looking to streamline operations, improve efficiency, hire new team members, restructure compensation or benefits, and foster team cohesiveness.


Kathy Sanchez, CLU, ChFC, CLTC

Financial Advisor - Stanwood, WA

Christy listens intently to clearly understand, but unlike other I’ve worked with in her profession, Christy takes it a step farther, because she gets to the core issues that may be holding you back!  Christy helped me identify and address the non-business issues, so we could then move to identify and strategically capitalize on opportunities to move my business to a level I’ve only dreamt about.  Now, I am on my way to doubling my production for the Calendar Year! 


Whether you are looking for growth personally or in your business, I wholeheartedly recommend Christy, with her deep and broad knowledge, and proven results to help you become your best self and move your practice to a level of what’s possible!


Mitch Janoff, Financial Advisor - Westport, CT

#1 Platinum Advisor - Eastern Region Jan 2019

I decided to engage Christy when I witnessed the impact she had in creating one of Northwestern Mutual’s top performing practices, Saugatuck Financial, at a seminar hosted by Al Schor and Justin Charise.


Immediately Christy helped me to identify my strengths, and more importantly focus on them. We addressed the drags on my productivity and my personal utility with simple strategies to maximize my effort in areas I could control. We measured my progress in a specific and quantifiable way, and focused where I needed to improve most, lead generation and closing ratios.


The process of organizing workflows and defining roles within my practice helped me to create and focus on a job description for myself that I was excited about.  And Christy’s guidance gave me the confidence to onboard my first full time team member in Q1 2017.  Just one year later, I have a full-time team of four that allow me to grow professionally and personally and I love my business.


Before working with Christy, I fought tooth and nail to qualify for MDRT by year’s end; in 2018, I qualified by April!

My sights are now set on FORUM.  I have consistently generated FORUM level production for 6 straight months now and I rank among the production leaders in my peer group.


My closing ratios have improved dramatically because I am prepared and expect the business. The confidence Christy helped me to grow, and the team she helped me to put in place also encouraged me to grow my insurance practice into a comprehensive planning practice that has helped take in over $7m of assets since the start of this year, which puts me on pace to generate over $100k of GDC in my first year focusing on IPS.


Thank you, Christy!


Nick Gardner, Financial Advisor -


Christy takes a very different approach than other Coaches I’ve worked with before. She is very strategic in her guidance and draws out a very clear path for growth. We immediately changed several small things that are already making a big difference. Her approach is refreshing because of the detail she puts into her advice along with the “How” to implement.

Nick Gardner.jpg

Christy, is an outstanding consultant/coach. She has a breadth of knowledge and experience but is also approachable and responsive. I am looking forward to working with her for many years to come.


Jerry Todd Fisher,
Financial Advisor

“Best. Year. Ever. was awesome!  Although each year since I started in 2016 I’ve earned the ribbon “best year ever”, I have yet to hit many milestones.  I’m on track for 100 lives for the first time and after I hit this 100+ lives, my next goals are MDRT and LLS.  I truly love what you’re doing.

Jerry Todd Fishier.jpg

Michael Joyce

I really enjoyed the Practice Accelerator course. The sections on operations and workflow efficiency were the most beneficial and we have implemented [several pieces].  I took nuggets from each section and I can tell my thinking has been impacted as I have used some of the language in your videos for how I talk to our team about concepts and strategies.  With the size and complexity of our business my hope is to just implement these nuggets to help improve some aspect of our business every week or two and I know that will compound over time!”


Noah R. Parris, MBA, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, RICP® | Wealth Management Advisor

“The Practice Accelerator course continues to enhance many things I do.  I came out of the blocks pretty decent for the Awards Year.  12.5 lives submitted.  $24K premium.  Paid for credit 9.0 lives.  $21K premium.  Goal was 12 Paid for and $15K in premium.  Exceeded my AUM goal too by over double.  Focus on running the business like a business and maximizing time has been some big themes I’ve grasped hold of.  Thanks for the content.  It’s a big support and has led me to actionable change.”

Noah R.Parris.jpg

Lawrence Kennedy, Financial Advisor

“Great info during the [Best. Year. Ever] workshop… very engaging which made it easy to jump in!” 

Lawrence Kennedy.jpg

Randall E. Hall, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®, RICP®, WMCP®, AEP®
Wealth Management Advisor

"I had the pleasure of working with Christy as part of the inaugural Forum Focus Mastermind group and really enjoyed that experience!  After qualifying for Forum (after a multi-year drought), I decided to take things to a higher level and hired Christy for some one-on-one coaching.

I have nothing but great things to say about both experiences.

Christy is a thought leader in our industry and is able to apply her vast experience in a way that is very personal and specific.

She’s been able to help me to focus on finishing my “1/2 built bridges.”  I realized that I had a bunch of projects that were “mostly done.”  However, as Christy pointed out, what utility does a ½ built bridge have?  None, of course is the answer.  So rather than move onto the next shiny object, I needed to complete the bridges that were going to be relevant to me, and eliminate those that weren’t going to take me to where I want to go.

Additionally, for me, I feel like there is no shortage of things to do, ways to improve, etc.  At times, this can become very overwhelming.  We have access to so much stuff, it gets hard to prioritize what to do.  As a result, I’d occasionally find myself taking more time trying to figure out what to do than actually getting things done.  Christy was awesome at helping me to plot out an annual calendar of “to-do’s” that helped me to focus on the right things at the right times which was incredibly helpful.

There is much more that I could say, but to summarize:

I would highly suggest working with Christy in one capacity or another.  She’s become a good friend and a great confidant.  I feel blessed that she came into my life at exactly the right time and in exactly the right role.  She has made a lasting impact on me and my practice."

Randy E. Hall.jpg

Andrew Kalinowski, Financial Advisor

“ I just bought the email templates. After reading through, I can tell you already: that $400 will generate a greatest IRR than anything I’ll ever spend money on. There are templates in there for things I wouldn’t have even thought of.  Game changer.”


Adam Sinoff, MBA | Financial Advisor

What a content-rich hour, and impressive delivery over the phone.  Thanks so much for spending time with us, with such relevant learnings & observations.  I’m excited to implement several things from today’s [study group] discussion.”

Adam Sinoff.jpg

Theresa Calabrese, CLF®

…one of the very best consultants I know.

Theresa Calabrese.jpg

Adam D. Seiden, CLU®, CLF®

I know Christy personally and absolutely recommend her as a consultant, coach and expert on helping FAs grow. Please make it a point to find a way to engage in her amazing resources!

Adam D. Seiden.jpg

William Cleary, Financial Advisor -


The Practice Accelerator course packs a ton of information while being well organized and concise. I wholeheartedly endorse it for both new and veteran advisors; it helps you both as an advisor and as a business owner. Christy does an excellent job of presenting in a clear and effective manner. I highly recommend the course, it is well worth the time and your investment in it will pay many dividends in the future.

William Cleary.jpg

Samuel Ruxton, Financial Advisor
267th Fastract Academy - 2019 Sacramento, CA

April, 2020: [The Strategic Advisor resources have] "all been awesome! It's like you are reading my mind on what I am thinking about and the challenges I am dealing with in growing.

The [course] is absolutely amazing! Thanks so much! I will keep doing the course work and will schedule a 1-on-1 call mid way so I can come with a lot of questions and prepared to learn!"

Samuel Ruxton.jpg

Louis Pietig II, Financial Advisor

Christy runs a private coaching practice for top practices nationwide,serves as COO of Saugatuck Financial, is a force of a mother, and also is beginning to offer a Practice Accelerator Course that I had the good fortune to attend in November.

That course in November took the Eastern Region's #4 Silver (and overall most handsome producer)..[me], from 6 straight months of MDRT production to lives leader pace in November and now Forum pace for December!

Louis Peitig.jpg

Mike Woods,
Financial Advisor

I completed the Pracitce Accelerator Course in November 2019 and in a word... it was Awesome. I would recommend it to any advisor looking to elevate their practice. As a West Point Alum, I have a high bar when it comes to evaluating trainings and this training delivered. The topics were clear, concise and immediately actionable. It allowed me to double my YTD prduction in Q4 alone. It's the best investment I've made in my practice - I can't recommend it enough.

Micheal Woods.jpg

Phil Adra, CFP®, CPA, CLU®, CLTC® -

Wealth Management Advisor

I’m 11 years into growing my practice so I was a little hesitant to sign up for the Practice Accelerator course. Not because I thought it wouldn’t contain great content, and certainly not because I think I have it all figured it out; but I wondered if it would contain anything new that I hadn’t heard or seen before and ultimately be worth the investment. After going through the full course, I’m really glad I invested my time and money into this content! I have pages and pages of notes, and I have a much clearer picture of what the best next steps are for my business, specifically around hiring and team/enterprise building.


Even though my practice is growing exponentially and I’ve made Forum twice (and Summit 6 straight years), this course helped me realize just how far I have to go on the journey of building the practice I ultimately want to have. I have renewed focus and energy around practice management and tightening up my systems, and I’m excited to start working on several new initiatives right away.


I highly recommend Strategic Advisor for advisors at all stages who want to grow and push themselves beyond the day to day comfort and routines we naturally find ourselves pulled towards. Christy truly knows our business inside and out and can meet you exactly where you are to help you build a roadmap towards your dream business.

Phil Adra.jpg

Steven L. Braun, CLU®
Wealth Management Advisor - Chicago, IL

In working together over several months, I have been incredibly grateful for Christy’s help.  It is hard to believe what we have accomplished together in such a short amount of time.  During a period of major changes within our team, where a positive outcome was not certain, Christy made sure that everyone on our team was heard and given the opportunity to pursue a path consistent with their passion and goals.  I greatly appreciate that at the end of the day we were able to accomplish and proactively create a win/win for everyone!  


Our calls consistently yield incredible insights: tweaks to things I would have otherwise overlooked, challenges to limiting beliefs that, once dismantled, allowed greatly improved outcomes, and rethinking my standard approach to both simple and complex areas of our practice – from softer things like communication style to tactical elements like training plans.  


Working with Christy is, hands down, one of the best investments you could make in both yourself and your practice. 

steven braun.jpg

Marquis Terrell
Financial Advisor, Albany, NY

I just wanted to let you know that I’m having my best month from a premium stand point (over $20k) and should close out the month with my second highest lives submitted and paid for.


Thank you and I’m happy I decided to invest in myself through your program!!


Kathryn Mimms, CFP, CFA, MBA

Wealth Management Advisor - Fairfield, CT

I’m now on track for 2020 to be my best year ever plus about  25-30%, after a very slow start to the year.  And, if I continue at the pace of last 6 months, since the prior 4 Day challenge, I will almost double my best ever production for Awards year!


Still not Forum, so will keep pushing.  I’m very encouraged by the extraordinarily steady months though.  Never have been able to do that prior.


You are very good at this!  Thank you, Christy!  And I’m glad that I have been able to participate!


Warm Regards,



Jonathan Aires, CLU®, CFP®

Wealth Management Advisor

La Jolla, CA

Having built a Forum practice ($700k+ annual production for 3 years running) and an IPS business growing at 50% +/year (currently ~$350,000 of GDC), I was looking for a jump-start after the ’19-’20 Awards Year.  I wanted and needed to take my business to the next level, but beyond the general knowledge and belief that with enough time and hard work I’d get there I didn’t have the answers.  I wanted to go from ‘good’ to ‘great’, and, as the saying goes, success leaves clues.


That’s where Christy came in.  Having partnered with her husband over the last 10 years to build one of the top 5 star pathfinder practices in the country and possessing a strategy background,  having worked at one of the most prestigious consulting firms, I knew Christy was the real deal. 


Unlike other coaches she has actually walked the walk.  Combined with her coaching skillset and consulting background she quickly helped me assess prime areas of opportunity – areas that would drive the most amount of result as quickly as possible – as well as provided the tools – language, frameworks, ideas, strategies – that would actually work most effectively at driving change and better results. 


In short, I hired Christy to ‘hack’ my way to faster growth.  If she knows what works – and she does, having done it – then why bang my head against the wall trying to reinvent the wheel?   Rather than figure things out on my own over the next 5-10 years, I wanted to bring that process forward, resulting in transformation today.


And that’s exactly what’s transpired.  Christy has helped – and continues to help me – solve problems (prospecting, anyone?) that were previously intractable and that no other coach had successfully helped me solve.  One of the things I enjoy most about working with Christy is that it’s the ‘real deal’.  She’s not just some coach or consultant pontificating about what should work or might work.  There’s no fluff.  We assess and analyze; find the problem; craft the solution; and then implement. 


My work with Christy has me re-energized (bc let’s be honest – 10-11 years in we can all get a little tired or run down), focused, excited and more happy and positive about the career than I’ve been in a long time… and closing a record year! 


There’s a great amount of optimism and confidence that comes from knowing that as long as I execute meaningful change will follow.  We are currently building our action plan for Q1 ’21 and I cannot wait to see all the amazing results that continue to flow from the powerful work we’re doing together.


Scott A. Stalter, CLU®, ChFC®

AWMA for Casey F. Lang, MBA - Wealth Management Advisor and Managing Director

Parkersburg, WV

“[The Value Proposition Workshop was] very helpful and timely for us!  It forced decisions on something that may have taken us months to do otherwise. 

The way I was able to walk through it and complete it was very helpful.   Thanks for all of your help!!”


Candace H Berkman, CLTC | Financial Advisor | Long Term Care Specialist

The [Practice Accelerator and Monthly Insider] programs have been very impactful for me. I love the monthly meetings you do too. I get a lot out of those as well.

Candace Berkman.jpg

Chantel Bonneau, CFP, CLU, REBC, ChFC, WMCP Wealth Management Advisor

“I was at a place in my practice where I knew I would not continue to grow effectively out of sheer grit, and I was looking for a way to drive results through my team. Christy helped me take the time to proactively think about where I want to be and who I want to be in that process. I appreciate her ability to not only ask the right questions but to train me to start asking the right questions of others. After 10 years of running things my way, I am beginning to feel like the leader of my practice and I see a vision for where I am really capable of taking it.”

Chantel Bonneau.jpg

Bubba Carter | Financial Advisor 

The Monthly Insider program was PHENOMENAL! I gained so much knowledge by simply reading the material and attending the live coaching calls when I could. Each month I was SOOO eager to receive the next month’s edition.  I wish I had this material from day one of my contract – it is truly a game-changer!


I WOULD DEFINITELY recommend the Monthly Insider to any growth-minded colleague! On a scale of 1-10, I would give it an 11 out of 10 if I could! 


Christy, I want to thank you for your positivity, energy, passion, and desire for growth in others. You truly made a difference in my business and personal life.

Bubba Carter_edited.jpg

Sarah Miller | Wealth Management Advisor | Denver, CO

"Working with Christy has changed my perspective in the best possible way.  I’ve always dreamed of a way to grow my practice in a more sustainable way vs the way I had been “growing” (push, push harder, hit the goal, have major burnout, highly consider quitting my job and becoming a yoga instructor, get re-motivated and try again and hope for a better way).  Christy taught me systems, and growth mindset so that I could increase premium per life, NMIS growth, and productivity without experiencing burnout.  She challenged me to use new tools and strategies that I had never employed.  Ultimately, small shifts produced major results.  I had my first ever 6 figure month, highest production year and grew my NMIS by two grid rates in one year. On top of that, Christy became a coach that I could trust and be real with.  She’s a kick in the ass and a shoulder to cry on…simultaneously.  I truly don’t know a better coach in our system.  Working with Christy has changed everything for me and my team, and we highly recommend her!"

Sarah Miller.jpg

Yalitza Brambila | Financial Advisor | Chicago

“Thank you so much for your sessions you are so clear and truly understand our work.“

Yalitza Brambila.jpg

Gary Bradford, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP® | Financial Advisor | Philadelphia, PA

“You got our motors going, and we’ll be forever grateful.  The knowledge and infrastructure is in place to hit Forum in 2021-22 and I believe I’m capable!  Never thought it was possible before I met you!”

Gary Bradford.jpg

 Chad LaMont CLU® ChFc® RICP® | Financial Advisor & Field Director | Elgin, IL

“The templates are great! I am actually working on sharing them with my staff so we can start adjusting depending on the situation and using them as templates for any of this type of communication!”

Chad LaMont.jpg

West McGowan, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC® | Principal & CEO | San Diego, CA

“Such big aha moments going through [our work together]. Lots of progress being made!”

Marshall West McGowan.jpg

Adam Sinoff | Financial Advisor | Orlando, FL

“I finally finished the Monthly Insider booklet on Strategic Prospecting (Feb 2021) and got very inspired to take action this week. Using the enhanced language and feed list tactics, I already received 9 QS so far this week in my ideal client profile!   Guess I should have started sooner!”

Adam P Sinoff.jpg
Harry J Mentonis.jpg

 Harry Mentonis CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®, WMCP® | Wealth Management Advisor | Wilmington, Delaware

“The Forum Focus Mastermind helped me hit my goal [of reaching Forum].  And I hit it on my terms, not by sacrificing my family time.  I was home by 4pm almost every day.  The program also helped me focus on and attack singular items rather than dealing with 500 things at once but not completing any of them.


The exercises helped me identify my purpose which was the main reason I hit the goal. I didn’t really need more money - we were fine before. But the moment I connected my purpose to what I wanted to build I knew there was no way I was going to miss because it was bigger than me. Now that purpose hasn’t faded but only evolved. My purpose drives my desire to see clients to success and that purpose fuels who I am personally.  Seeing how the two are interconnected is powerful. 


Christy’s operational capability is also strong, which was particularly helpful for us in terms of developing systems and building infrastructure. The operational enhancements are the biggest value adds in my opinion and created the leverage necessary to hit forum repeatedly.”


I would endorse the program to anyone that truly wants to take their practice to that level, but I also believe that to be successful, the person joining needs to be “all in” from all aspects. You can’t leverage the benefits that the program provides without being 100% committed.”

Martin Connolly J.D., RICP® | Financial Advisor | Woburn, MA

"When I met Christy for the first time it was readily apparent that she would be able to help our business by improving on the current systems and processes we had in place.  It was shortly after I hired her I learned she would also become a great coach/mentor, and if possible an even better friend.  Working with her these past 3 months I’ve seen a tremendous uptick in our team’s productivity and efficiency.   


Her knowledge and experience in the day-to-day running of a financial planning practice allow her to immediately identify the weak links in a practice and she has plug-in solutions to solve common financial planning practice issues.  


As an advisor my greatest skills revolve around client acquisition, not managing a team or business operations.  Being able to leverage Christy to help create systems to run the business effectively creates a lift for clients both new and old. This has created opportunities to grow and impact on an even grander scale than we had previously imagined.   I wish I had engaged with Christy sooner knowing all that I know now – I had considered hiring her a year ago, and today I’m kicking myself we didn’t do it then, because we’d be so much farther ahead right now.  So if you’re curious and wondering if you should have a conversation, my advice is to do it now! "


Richard Youmans| Director of New Advisor Productivity | Tronco Agency - Albany, NY

"We have advisors in several of Christy’s Strategic Advisor programs.  In every case we have seen personal and professional growth. She brings a practical approach to the business that our advisors connect with and they can put the tools she teaches to work immediately."

Thomas J. Harkins | Financial Advisor | New York, NY

"I wanted to let you know that I’m having my best regional ever!


The BEST YEAR EVER mantra you stuck in my head stayed with me.


I have not yet implemented all the materials and planning we went over (that is on me, obviously)…but I held onto the ‘best year’ idea/goal!


Thanks for your help!"


Chad Wildermuth |  Financial Advisor |  Albany, NY

"I finished the awards year with my BEST YEAR EVER 

thanks to you and my team! I wanted to thank you

for this past year with Strategic Advisor!" 

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