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How Your Expertise Can Hurt You

I recently saw another coach in the industry post a poll asking what people wanted most from a speaker: to be entertained, to be inspired, or to uncover a specific tip or action that would help them improve their life or business.

Over 80 percent selected the last option.

Yet I see advisors forget this time after time when preparing client meeting materials.

Experience brings knowledge, context, examples, and know-how. In a word, expertise. But when you have so much that you CAN share, it can become a struggle for experts to effectively narrow down what they SHOULD share. A coach of mine calls this The Expert’s Curse.

If this concept resonates, here are a few reminders that might help as you consider whether any given presentation or proposal might include more than it needs, and put negative pressure on the potential outcome as a result.

  • Clients are often learning for the first time about topics you discuss daily. It won’t all stick. Be clear and selective about what you include

  • Complexity creates hesitation and too much information typically triggers pondering, rather than speeding decision making

  • Humans make decisions one at a time. Narrowing options and helping clients prioritize where they need to act is exceptionally valuable

In short, there are three simple tests that can help advisors assess which information is critical to their presentations:

  • Information: Is it absolutely necessary to understanding or being compelled to act on a recommendation?

  • Analysis: Does it change the outcome? Is it actionable, or merely interesting?

  • Recommendations: Of all the actions that need to be taken, is it the priority?

Narrowing discussions to be centered around topics where the answer to these questions is “yes” will help you become a valuable resource to your clients–one that helps simplify, rather than complicate an already complex world of responsibilities. And one who helps to ensure that the most important areas are addressed.

Couldn’t we all use a little more of that?

Christy Charise, Founder & CEO of Strategic Advisor

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