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Strategic Advisor Led


For Top Advisors and High Performance Teams

Wherever you are in the progression of your practice, we have a group that will challenge your thinking, push your growth and accelerate results for you and your team members.

Entry into our mastermind groups is by application or invitation only and is selective.  Bi-weekly calls make progress consistent and strategies actionable.  Groups are tailored to connect advisors facing similar business stages, challenges and growth initiatives and participants are fully engaged, highly motivated and committed to achievement. 

Our facilitation is designed to drive continuous professional progress and guide personal breakthrough -- we push you beyond routine thinking and giving you the support you need to test ideas and take your practice to the next level, faster.

A descriptions of our mastermind series are below. Contact us about your spot today!

Under 5 Blueprint

This bi-weekly group supports building expertise and proficiency in the foundations of the business: prospecting, revenue generating activity and client building. We also delve deep into organizational processes, practice management, and laying the groundwork and steps required to hire and leverage a team.  Shave years off your progress with a planning practice jump start!

First Time Forum

You don't settle for simply knowing this business... you're focus is on mastery. 

This highly motivated group is ready to advance on all fronts.  Leave excuses behind and soak in the tips and shortcuts to joining the elite group known as the NM Forum.

Integrated Practice

Are you recreating the wheel while adding a Director of Investments or defining your value proposition?  Let us guide you down the path already paved by Top Pathfinder practices to build your team, diversify your revenue and serve your clients as a comprehensive and trusted client advisor.

High Performance Team

Are you second in command for a top agent?  Are you looking to consistently contribute and help build or lead a high performance team?  Join as we reveal tactics and strategies for effectively managing up, anticipating advisor needs and putting yourself at the center of your practices success!  When you partner with your advisor and stand behind his or her success, recognition, growth, pride, achievement and fulfillment are certain to follow.

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