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As a resource to management teams, Strategic Advisor can and has assisted on a variety of projects including:

  • Moderation of High Performance Builder Groups

  • Facilitating New Rep Training Modules:

    • Setting up Practice Process​es

    • Practice Management

    • Adding Staff Thoughtfully

    • Perfecting your Intro

    • Personal Success By Design

  • Design Assistance with Network Vision, Mission and 5 Year Roadmaps

  • MD Support for Balancing Management and Personal Production Obligations


Reengage your advisors and their teams with fresh perspective, new ideas and have-done experience from a 5 Star Pathfinder COO who has a proven track record coaching many first time Forum teams and top practices nationwide.

Builder Facilitation

Raise the bar in your highest potential builder groups with professional facilitation from a certified coach and award winning strategist.

Contemporary Boardroom
Study Group Moderation

Make this the year of exponential growth and total fulfillment for your study group - topic or time period specific moderation packages priced on request.

Startup Room
Enhanced Rep Training

From confidence and language building workshops to efficient practice and process design, give your new reps a leg up.  They'll be ready to hit the ground running, full speed ahead.

Giving a Presentation
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