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Strategic Advisor offers private weekly coaching and consulting to a limited number of advisors.  These sessions are fully customized to the advisor's needs in terms of topic, scope, and cost and the initial consultation to discuss your practice priorities and consulting needs is always free. 
Topics have included:
  • Team design and team dynamics consultation
  • Practice design (for growth, lifestyle and/or succession planning)
  • Process evaluation or design
  • Marketing and publication support
  • Client satisfaction survey
  • Establishing an advisory board
  • Segmentation
Specific details and outcomes for some past consulting case examples are outlined below.

Case Studies

Here are a few examples of Strategic Advisor consulting case work and the results.

Note: Achievement requires skill and consistent work.  Case study results noted are unique to the individual and may not be typical. 


DESCRIPTION: Assisted an under 5 advisor with full process creation built for efficiency and designed to grow and leverage a team. 

RESULTS: Compared with first quarter 2017, the advisor's Q1 2018 production is up over 2,000% and he has had 6 consecutive months tracking to forum.

1st Time Forum

DESCRIPTION: Assisted a veteran advisor with team evaluation and process redesign to enable greater leverage and higher activity levels. 


RESULTS: Advisor made Forum for the first time 8 months later.

Efficiency Boost

DESCRIPTION: Supported an established advisor through several staffing changes, process redesign, organizational focus and improved consistency through regular coaching. 

RESULTS: Risk production the following year more than doubled.



  • Establish winning language and best practice approaches & processes

  • Stay focused on revenue generating activities

  • Set and achieve specific production goals

  • Leverage your natural strengths

  • Stay motivated and build confidence

  • Navigate adding staff and building a team designed for growth


  • Build teams and practices thoughtfully

  • Refresh passion for your work

  • Evolve/ reinvent your practice

  • Find new approaches and creative solutions

  • Support high performance teams

  • Enhance personal and team efficiency

  • Improve your client experience

  • Find greater enjoyment in work and personal relationships

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