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  • Establish winning language and best practice approaches & processes

  • Stay focused on revenue generating activities

  • Set and achieve specific production goals

  • Leverage your natural strengths

  • Stay motivated and build confidence

  • Navigate adding staff and building a team designed for growth


  • Build teams and practices thoughtfully

  • Refresh passion for your work

  • Evolve/ reinvent your practice

  • Find new approaches and creative solutions

  • Support high performance teams

  • Enhance personal and team efficiency

  • Improve your client experience

  • Find greater enjoyment in work and personal relationships

A handful of the most popular coaching topics and packages are outlined below.

Prospecting Pro

A series of calls to perfect natural language, discuss best practices, overcome objections, create an effective mindset and master the psychology of effectively and consistently getting quality referrals.

Production Pro

Weekly calls break through limiting beliefs, allow consistent focus on specific production goals,  and reveal tactics, strategies and solutions to break through prior patterns and take your practice to the next level.

Practice Pro

Weekly calls with a full team or select team members will help troubleshoot issues, resolve conflict, improve team efficiency, and maximize advisor leverage.

Process Pro

A systematic examination of your practices work flow, systems and division of labor among team members - can be structured as a series of calls or a full consulting project with implementation support added as necessary.

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promotion pro

Audit your your marketing plan to ensure it is complete, effective and efficient.  Optimize use of credibility building tools (website, publications, social media), improve your client on-boarding experience, and ensure ongoing client satisfaction through purposeful marketing and promotion.

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